It's the last quarter of the year and your in a panic because you know your books are a mess and need some serious clean up so you can get your taxes filed without that judging look from your CPA.

Instead of spending your weekends and free time working on your accounting and trying to understand what tax prep is needed for your CPA, let us guide you or do it for ya!

Tax Prep includes:

- Having a CLEAN set of books ready to present to your CPA. Loans are up to date with correct balances, your bank accounts are reconciled, your balance sheet doesn't show negative amounts, etc.

- Your 1099s are prepped and already sent out

- Your profit and loss income matches what you reported to your state

- Payroll W2s, state tax filings, and federal filings match your bookkeeping reports and are ready to hand to your CPA for review

- You have all the docs your CPA will request ready to hand over in a nice neat package or shareable online.

Click here to get a FREE download of your year end checklist for what you may need for your year end tax filings.

Ready to get your Tax Prep help? We provide everything listed above! Contact us for your free consultation.

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